Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Panicked my ass.

 Health care workers are panicked as desperate hospitals ask infected staff to return

I call bullshit on that. They might be relieved to be going back to work, or they might be relieved to have extra hands on the shift, but they are not panicked. The hospital might be desperate.

It is time for everyone to quit being scared of this bullshit, and lets all go back to living our normal lives. Go grocery shopping, go to the movies, go to a party. Wear a mask if you want, get woke poked if you want, but quit living in fear of this disease. Quit letting the government run your life.

I mean jesus h christ, take some personal responsibility. Start taking vitamin c, vitamin d, calcium magnesium and zinc, go get some quercetin. Exercise, eat healthy. And by healthy I mean eat what you want in moderation. Go get a 7th grade health class textbook from Texas in the 1950's and 1960's and it will tell you every thing you need to know about how to stay healthy.

Wash your hands regularly, go outside every day, walk around.

And then, if you get sick, go visit your doctor if you need to. Don't use the emergency room as your personal physician, that isn't what they are for.

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