Monday, January 31, 2022

On top of being a hypocrite Gov. Newsom is a lyin asshole

 Nervous Newsom Stutters as He Defends Himself For Breaking Covid Rules After Getting Caught Maskless at 49ers-Rams Game (VIDEO)

Took his mask off for a brief second my ass. He said his mask was in his left hand. Bullshit. The pic shows no mask. The video shows him walking up to this behemoth basketball ass hole while not wearing a mask.

His mandate says EVAHBODY gots to wear da mask! That behemoth basketball player wasn't wearing one either. Why don't you get up in his face about wearing the mask like the bitch nurse did to me today? You should have seen her face when she smugly told me Those are the rules. And I told her the hell with your rules. She won though, I put my face panty on so I could be with my wife when we got the news from the doctor she has to go back on full chemo.


  1. Fred, it is going to back fire hugely with the hospital and the medical teams on this mask crap. I have to go in twice a week for wound care and I catch more and more nurses and docs fudging the masks and I call them out on it. I am sorry your wife has to go back in for full chemo, my heart goes out to both of you!

    1. Thank you for that. This was not unexpected, but we were hoping for a longer remission. She has to go back on the drug that made her itch for 3 days.