Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Pure Evil

 The whole world has gone crazy

Ronald McDonald House has turned into a joke. Up in canada they are evicting kids with leukemia and their parents who aren't vaccinated. One article I saw called it the woke poke.

There is a video of a father confronting a manager about it and he calls it pure evil. And to me that is exactly what it is.

Manager says what we are trying to do is protect everyone.

Father says no you're not. Vaccinated people can still get and transmit it.

Manager says that's right, so what we're doing is reducing the risk.


  1. Feels like we are in a bizarro world movie that the director doesn't know how to yell "Cut!" It keeps spinning out of control...

  2. PS, teh manager of that RM House would have gotten his nose punched...