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Thursday, January 20, 2022

When The Trucks Stop, It’s Over

 This week the idiot canadians stopped 76,000 truckloads of stuff per week from going to the usa and back to canada. Saturday the 22 the usa will do the same thing, only the number will be larger.

When the truck’s stop rolling, it’s over.

There is a 7 minute video of a canadian truckdriver telling it like he sees it. 

As he says, you should probably stock up now.


  1. It's gonna be fun Fred! A whole lotta things and people are gonna change soon, certain people are just gonna disappear. We still hang traitors don't we? Kinda refreshing to see Canadians getting their dander up about the dick head leading them, as we as Americans are gonna do to our "leaders" disappear. I wasn't offended by his language, I drove truck at one time...

    1. Hang traitors? I'm not sure we as a country have the testicular fortitude to do that anymore. Tar and feathers, riding on a rail. Those are attributes this country has lost, and should relearn. I wasn't offended by his language either. Here lately it's like i have tourettes syndrome or something. Every other word is a cuss word. Not due to politics either.

  2. Sir,
    Canadian truckers are many things, but I would submit that 'idiot' is misplaced. Lots of those in your own country, without including us too.
    God Bless America.
    Mike in Canada

    1. Idiot i said and idiot i meant. Not talking about your truckers, but the powers that be. Those are idiots. Just like ours over here.

  3. Understood sir. Thank you for the clarification; the wording of the OP was a bit ambiguous...