Thursday, January 20, 2022

As Pooh would say OH Bother! At least I think that's what he would say.

 There are two merging inflection points set to hit the public in a few day

My wife and I stopped at our local high dollar grocery store monday. I call it high dollar because prices there are always higher than large chain grocery stores. But, this store is much more convenient if you don't want to drive 20 miles to a lower priced facility. For 2 or 3 or 4 items this store is okay.

Anyway, we stopped at the deli and the meat section, and I got a bit of a surprise on the pricing. Prices have risen significantly since my last visit to that store.

A pound of beef bologna was 8.99. A pound of roast beef lunch meat was 11.10.

Steaks. Bone in ribeye steaks were expensive. The one I remember was labeled 1.355  pounds, and was almost 16 for the steak.

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