Friday, January 21, 2022

Looks like liz cheney is not getting donations from wyoming

 “I Would Burn $100 Bills Before I Sent Her a Penny” – Liz Cheney Is So Desperate She’s Begging for Donations in the Middle of Missouri


  1. It looks like she chose the flea-bitten dogs to run with.

    1. Yes she did. I expect her to lose her run this time.

  2. I have lived in Wyoming well over sixty years.
    Ms. Cheney's primary opponent really isn't that popular and doesn't have Liz's war chest.
    Also, this is Wyoming, where if you want to be active in politics, you will be a registered Republican.
    Therefore, the majority of leftist are registered as Republicans, and
    will support Cheney.
    I believe this enough that I have wagered a couple bottles of whisky
    on this.
    Liz will have this office as long as she wants it.