Tuesday, January 25, 2022

I have had enough of this shit

 I have had enough of this covid shit. 

The company I buy propane from has stopped letting me pay the truck driver who delivers the propane when he delivers it. Now I have to put my sorry ass in my truck and drive down to the office to pay. Why can the lady who is there take my check but the truck driver can't? Covid can be there as well.

So I told the lady if I could no longer pay the truck driver then I was going to switch companies. I have talked to several who said the truck driver will take payment.

I have had all of this covid crap I intend to take. The idiot state of california is going to pass legislation MANDATING all children take the clotshot, regardless of parental wishes. Jesus h christ there is nothing that says DICKTATERSHIP more than that does.

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  1. I smell a revolt in the air.... is that the sound of jellied liquid splashing and propane hissing forth?