Saturday, January 29, 2022

Talk about effin up your car, this guy did it from the inside

 Driver Opens Fire At Another Car On I-95 In Miami

I have been pissed off enough at other drivers I have wished I had a 50 caliber paintball gun on my car to paint stupid on theirs.

But I have never been pissed off enough to just randomly open fire on someone. Holy crap.

Watch the video. From inside the guys car. Talk about evidence. Holy crap.


  1. Hahahaha after he touched the first round off it was just eyes closed & pulling the trigger. Bet the idiots ears are still ringing.

  2. I agree with ya Fred... and now he is in hot with the po po and has to replace at least two windows in his ride. I carry and unless you are directly pointing a weapon at me, it ain't worth it to react to an asshole and get upset and in trouble,

    1. I agree. I don't carry. Thats a good thing because my blue whale mouth might overload my hummingbird ass.