Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Patch A Tire In 60 Second #SHORTS----this is more interesting than any news


  1. When I was a kid I used to help my brother in law at his gas station in Lubbock Texas. We used to plug tires for fifty cents. On rare occasion we would break them down with an old portable manual tire breaker he had. What a workout.

  2. I've plugged a lot of tires in my day.
    I have worked at two different tire shops plus a Dealership.
    A couple of points in that video I found interesting.
    One, it never occurred to me to use a cordless drill to open the hole.
    Probably because they weren't invented back then yet.
    Two, That tire patch with the tether is a brilliant upgrade.
    Three, you are supposed to re balance the tire after you re mount it.
    Other than that, cool video.

    1. If you haven't watched this guys videos, you might try them, sometimes they are pretty interesting. And, he's got a smokin hot wife.

  3. First time I have seen a patch with a tether. Combines both patching and plugging into one operation.

    I know the old manual tire machines all too well. My first job at a service station was when I was 12 (55 years ago). There had been a spring hailstorm with grapefruit size hail in that neighborhood. It was summer and the roof repairs had begun big time. My initial job was repairing tires from all of the many flats people were getting from the roof work. We ONLY patched, not plugged. I became very experienced with the manual tire machine real fast. PS: You don't ever want to do an Olds Toronado wheel on one of these. First US mainstream front wheel drive car and it used weird wheels.

  4. No sale! Lost me at step 2 even...mark the hole? Gimmeabreak.

    I've done thousands of tire repairs and that drill idea is utter nonsense, there's a better chance you're making a second hole than you have of following the existing one. Considering the simple puncture that he shows here he should never go near the tire machine at all. And Phil's right, after all this rigamaroll he would have to rebalance the tire.

    Anyway, 60 seconds my foot, keep this dude away from my truck.

    1. Matthew, slow up on the caffeine. 60 seconds, edited video to make it 60 seconds? Rebalance the tire is not part of repair, comes after the repair?