Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Transportation of energy


Isn't transportation of energy what we are doing now? We move coal by rail line to the production of energy point. Natural gas gets transported by pipeline to the production point.

The fossil fuel fired energy plants make good reliable electricity and it gets TRANSPORTED from there, via the lines, to the location it will be used.

Nothing new under the sun there.

Fossil  plants typically don't stop producing power when the sun goes down. Wind mill energy stops when the wind doesn't blow. Solar energy stops when the sun doesn't shine.

Just last night I looked at my solar charger, and guess what? It wasn't putting any energy into my battery system. Why? Because the sun wasn't shining kamala. So where did my energy come from then? From a fossil fuel grid.

I hope come november those idiots up there don't remove pedo joe from office and install her sorry ass. You think we got problems with joe? Wait till she gets there.

Oi vey.

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