Saturday, July 22, 2023

Another Day, Another Diversity Hire. Affirmative Action at Work??

 Against SecDef's Wish, Diversity-Obsessed Biden Picks Woman To Lead Navy

When I was in the navy 1970 to 1976 I had no clue who was in charge of the navy. What's more, I didn't give a good crap who was in charge of the navy. And I don't think very many of our current sailors give a good crap about it right now. They will do what they are told.

If a woman is the best choice for the job, so be it. If a transgender homophobic goat is the best choice for the job, so be it.

But to give it to someone SIMPLY because she is a woman, is the stupidest thing this president has done yet. Well, maybe not THE stupidest, but it is in the top 1000 of stupid things he has done. And I'm here to tell ya he has a LONG list of stupid things he has done.


  1. I know nothing about the Admiral-chick, but once a month your enemies will be wondering what they did to prompt attacks by the USN! Not to mention any ‘misogynistic’ male sailor overheard making the slightest derogatory remark about women in command positions.

  2. Zumwalt and Z-grams Zumwalt assumed duties as Chief of Naval Operations and was promoted to full admiral on July 1, 1970, and quickly began a series of moves intended to reduce racism and sexism in the Navy. These were disseminated in Navy-wide communications known as "Z-grams". These included orders authorizing beards (sideburns, mustaches, and longer groomed hair were also acceptable) and introducing beer-dispensing machines to barracks.