Saturday, July 22, 2023

My last post was CENSORED by blogger.

 Don't know why but immediately upon publishing my last post blogger censored it. No explanation other than "violates community guidelines."

Bullshit. I've posted plenty before. I think what it is, was the post is critical of biden and they don't like that. 

But I've put plenty of those up. So I don't know why. Sent them an email asking why. Maybe they will respond.


  1. I offered what I Thought was a good solution,, and was expecting replies. Now I know what happened. I guess suggesting a very large,circular series of Structures built for an obvious purpose and selling tickets and offering payperview,, gets people worked up.

  2. I jumped through their hoop and read it, Fred, and Justin’s comment above, I saw nothing objectionable at all.

  3. Because what we did earlier got disappeared.

  4. Fred, it's because Google sucks. I wonder if they'll ban my comment? I dumped blogger a few years after starting my blog. Since I had to work with Google in the tech industry, I knew they led the world in doing evil shit. I avoid them at every opportunity in life.