Friday, July 14, 2023

Flu shots not good for the elderly.

Govt. Study: Flu Shots Not Effective in Elderly--Potentially Deadly 

When was the last time you had a flu shot? I can't remember that myself.

I think it has been well over 40 years ago? Maybe.

I know my wife quit taking them some years ago. On several different occasions she got very sick after taking the flu shot. Of course the doctors all said that was coincidence.

But she quit getting the flu after she quit taking the flu shot. 

Coincidence? My ass.


  1. I had the same experience as your wife. Stopped decades ago as well. Still worked and around others but didn't get sick....hmmm

  2. i grew up in the late 50's/ early 60's. i have had swine flue, hong kong flu, asian flue, and every other flu that went around while i was a kid. my immune system has successfully fought off every variation of flu they are "immunizing" you for annually.
    for me, it's a waist of time and money. and i rarely catch the flu, when i doe, i can usually just work thru it, it's so mild a case.

  3. I gave that up long ago, also. If anything has stripped away any respect and admiration or goodwill from the community towards the medical industry, it was the Covid depopulation programme.
    Fuck you, doctors, and fuck Bill Gates too.