Friday, July 28, 2023

Oh Hell. This can't be good either.

 Powder Keg Europe: Wagner Forces and Equipment Massing Near Polish Border – Warsaw and Baltic Countries May Shut the Whole NATO Frontier – New Brigade Is Formed To Fight Russian Military Contractors

Wars and rumors of wars.

Is this the way our world ends? 

Nukes, nukes, everywhere. Ally ally out come in free.

What's a fella to do? Just what I have been doing I guess. Keep stocking up beans bullits and bandaids. And hope like hell these dumb sunzabitches don't actually pull the trigger.


  1. Ya forgot BOOZE, Vern...That's the magic elixir to get ya through the cataclysmic event.

    1. Exactly right, I forgot about booze. The 4 B's: Beans, Bullits, BandAids, and Booze.

  2. And BugOut. Anyone living anywhere near large groups of people...and that's most of doomed.