Sunday, July 30, 2023

Well, looks like this bio-lab they found in Fresno County has found nationwide attention.

 "I've Never Seen Anything Like This" - Mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered In Remote California City

Except Reedley is not a remote city. It is easily accessible from a number of different routes.

China linked bio lab

One of the articles brought up a good question. How many other of these unknown labs are out there?

I have a different question: How can these pregnancy tests they are making be trusted? How can the covid tests be trusted? How can we trust any of the test that are on store shelves now? Did they have adequate quality control? 

Pee on a stick, get the results. Because the test was contaminated with covid from a mouse, a few days later you catch covid???

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  1. This begs the obvious question. They found ONE lab. How many more do the Chinks have here that we don't know about. And what are they planning to do with the pathogens they are creating in them.