Sunday, July 30, 2023

Digital Currency My Ass

 The CBDCs Are Coming, And The Elite Plan To Use These "Digital Currencies" To Enslave Humanity

TPTB may get this started, but I don't think real americans will go along with it very much. I could be wrong.

Barter. Have they ever heard of that? Flea market get togethers in small towns where everybody knows everybody and everybody knows who the revenooer is.

But they will try to tax that, or shut it down. 

So what's a fella to do. Continue to barter, screw them. Grow your own food. Trade for meat from the local butcher. Don't have a butcher? Become your own.

What is that marine motto? Adapt, improvise, overcome? Good words to follow. Screw Guv'mint.


  1. There's always open rebellion and population culling. Barter is horribly inefficient and needs to be ended about as quickly as it starts. The "problem" will simply need to be removed so civilization can get back on track. The same people pushing this are pushing all of it, so a big win when they are gone.

  2. Bring back wampum. I bet Pocahontus Warren would promote it.

    1. We'll already HAVE wampum. They'll be the "worthless" greenbacks many of us didn't turn in. Face it; we're gonna need a means of exchange. The guy who has a goat to trade isn't always going to find someone who has the ...whatever... he needs. We're already using Monopoly money. Why not just keep on keeping on?

  3. Someone should ask pedo joe if him and his crime family are going to convert their offshore accounts to digital currency.

  4. The ALL digital currency IS coming. It's just too tempting to not implement. And I have no doubt that enough morons will happily embrace it to allow it's implementation to succeed. People will fight back against it but if they keep pushing hard enough long enough those people will either starve or give in. As for the Biden Family Crime Syndicate going all in on digital currency....why not. THEY and other crime families and groups like them CONTROL that digital currency. It's the little guy who will get screwed under by it.

  5. I suppose 87000 armed IRS agents were intended to harass yard sales, single mothers at the diner not reporting all tips (one reason for digital currency) farm stands that list acceptable barter items etc. Small town people might do ok with barter and cities will probably have more problems with drugs and sex workers in trade!

  6. Unfortunately, I think too many Americans are going to go along with it, saying "We're already using digital currency." They already call us tin-hatters when we try to explain the fact that our every transaction, whether it be for a car or lemonade at a kid's lemonade stand, will be tracked and taxed. What more can we do but circle the wagons with the known and trusted?...