Sunday, July 2, 2023

I've been sayin this.

 Gordon Chang: China's 'Shock Troops' Now Inside U.S.

The link is from It Ain't Holy Water.

Joe Biden needs to be frogmarched into prison for doing this shit, and I mean right goddamn now.

THIS is what I have been saying for years now. THEY ALREADY HAVE AN ARMY HERE!!

And it isn't just the chinks, it's EVERY country out there that hates us.

All of south america, all of asia, all of africa including south africa, almost all of the middle east.

Every one of those damn countries has been putting sleeper agents into the good ole usofa and that sonofabitchjoebiden and his hoe kamala and every goddamn democrat is complicit in this.

They think they will be left alone when the balloon goes up? Think again dorothy, there ain't gonna be no ruby red slippers this time.

If you folks don't have a trillion rounds of ammo laid up it's time to start laying it up. Time to get some alternative power set up and some longterm food. As Josey Wales said, It's time to get plumb Mad Dog mean.

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  1. The uncomfortable thing is....a lot of Josey Wales' are coming to you, 'Murica, and they are not saying "thank you for your service". It would be nice to hope they will be discerning, but at this stage, all Fusans are going to be regarded as spores of the fungus. Experiment over, e pluribus unum, ordo ab chao.

    Stefan v.