Monday, July 10, 2023

Carruthers stressed that the largest number of people coming across are single men of military age

 Judge Issues Warning to All Americans a Year After Declaring Border Invasion

Single men of military age.

A favorite phrase of some people is "In this day and age." Well, in this day and age "Single men of military age" entering this country illegally should scare the everlovin shit out of you.

This is like the SHTF stories I read. The illegal alien army coming in is the precursor to the SHTF, and our federal government is complicit in the whole affair. 

They aren't coming here to better their way of life, they are coming here to take your life. They are bringing drugs, poisons, explosives, possibly even suitcase nukes. They are mapping out each area in our country identifying all the water supplies, treatment plants, electrical generation and transfer stations, people in each town or area who are sympathetic to the invading army's cause.

This invading army is already here. This invading army is ready to act. This invading army is just waiting on the signal to strike.

And the democrats are urging that to happen. Democrats hate you they hate america they hate freedom.

It is too late to do anything about it. Even if by a miracle of miracles President Trump gets elected this time he won't be able to do anything about it, if he wants to. He is going to be hamstrung by these cocksucking jackals in d.c.

About all we can do is load up on the three B's: Beans, Bullits, and Bandaids.


  1. Americans may be hesitant to shoot other Americans.
    I wonder how many illegals will get jobs as armed IRS agents?
    Good pay... I'm sure great benefits.

  2. A picture of the new recruits for the 8th army of Iran in Arizona.

  3. Should be Beans, Bullets and Bonfires. Gotta burn the trash.