Sunday, July 16, 2023

What do you think? Is this guy right? Or is he wrong?

Sent in by Johno.

The United States Could Not Win and Will Not Fight a War Against Russia 

As for me, I don't know what to think. I hope this guy is wrong about not being able to win, but I also hope we never have to find out.

My granddaughters husband is being deployed in the fall, eventual station is apparently Poland.

My grandson is being transferred to Kansas around Christmas and was told possibly going to poland midwinter.

Son of a bitch. 89,000?? troops going over. Check out the map in the article about where our troops are scattered all over the world.

Why in the absolute hell do we have to have so many bases around the world? Are we really the worlds policemen??


  1. Without over seas conflicts the Military-Industrial Complex would collapse and the politicians would go hungry. All their asking for is a few thousand Americans to die in the process.

    1. Maybe it's time we make them see the error of their ways.

  2. My son in the AF is in the Philippines getting "certified for deployment". I don't know what that means, and he really didn't either.
    I thought Congress was the only entity allowed to declare war?

  3. The military-industrial meatgrinder has chewed up generation after generations of American servicemen, as cannon fodder or as a sponge for blasts from IEDs or human bombs. Your country needs them as a resource, to do the work that makes companies like Raytheon, Blackwater, Lockheed, Boeing et al, literally hundreds of suppliers, into the profit-spewing concerns that make their shareholders and the bankers rub their greedy mitts with utter glee.

    I don’t believe that Russian and allied servicemen are your enemies, and I certainly don’t see that the hapless Ukrainians are your friends. Your real enemies are the bankers, the ones that mostly own the companies we know so little about, the ones who always profit from war no matter how long it runs, how many countries bankrupted, how many civilians lose homes and their futures, and servicemen lose their life or health, how many fathers never return home again or arrive broken men, the real beneficiaries no matter who wins, are the families with names like Soros, Rockefeller or Rothschild.You can also add names like Biden, Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld.

    It seems as if it’s always been this way, pawns are moved around on a chessboard, tactics and strategies proposed, discussed then mooted, all while the bloodsucking parasites earn percentages of profit that would make Shylock envious. Profits to fill their bloated tick-bellies even more distended by the ruination of lives there at home and abroad on the battlefield that was formerly the world’s breadbasket.

    I don’t believe that Putin wants to use nukes, but what if characters unknown stage false flag attacks with tactical nukes? Does anyone put it past the realm of possibilities? All that Uke wheat won’t need an oven to cook up some Wheat Puffs. You’d need to carry your Geiger counter along when you go to the bakery! No, that’s ridiculous, they’ll just send wheat, maize or any other food contaminated by fallout to Africa or any other place where they need to get rid of useless eaters.

    Sorry for the rant, Fred, I get stirred up by the antics of these blood-dancing vampires!

  4. Define "win". Define the scope and intended outcome of such a war. In a conventional war even in our depleted state our militarily our forces would be superior to those of Russia. If it weren't for their nuclear weapons Russia would NOT be considered a First world nation or military. Perhaps not even second tier. America could not invade and subjugate Russia. It's just too large and the weather too harsh. Napoleon and Hitler both learned this the hard way. We could however destroy much if not all their infrastructure. They could also do damage to America. In reality any meaningful direct conflict would rapidly devolve into a nuclear war...which NOBODY wins. And that is still a distinct possibility with the ongoing fighting in Ukraine which we and NATO are invovled with.

  5. A-fucking-men Johno!!!!!
    Make no bones about it gentle readers, this group in charge is going to start WW3. It is necessary for them to bury the crimes they have committed!
    Get your family out of the military now!
    I have a 16 and 20 year old son. I am fearful they may be drafted.