Thursday, July 6, 2023

Personal Solar for your Truck or Car

 I think solar for private use is a great idea. The guy in this video seems to have a good idea. Use this idea and create your own use for the trailer.

Build a trailer like this to power your house. It's portable for emergency use when the breaker panel at your relatives house fries due to earthquake or something. Or whatever use you may need.

Say cutting lumber at the house you are building.

You know those memes that have the electric car pulling a generator?


  1. The usefulness of such a setup depends on how much power you need and for how many hours. The maximum solar output of energy is about 1300 watts per square meter. You are doing well if you can harness half of that. So to get 10 Kw of power you need a minimum of 20 square meters of panel. And that's during the middle of the day. Capturing solar output is just takes a lot of space. The trick is storing for later use. That's the real issue with wind and solar.

    1. Yes, wind and solar require a different mindset of not using as much power as you want, when you want it. You maybe have to use it sparingly, or not at all for some things.

  2. 1300 w/m2 is the theoretical max with perfect pointing, I saw about 850 max in Orange County CA and about 950 here at 4,800 ft in Arizona. Now factor in cosine loss in two directions because you aren't tracking the sun and the net per day goes down even more.