Sunday, July 23, 2023

Guns and Oxygen Tanks. What could go wrong?

Damn this looks like fun. Does anyone want to grant me some funds so I can go do this?


  1. My uncle was a fire chief & would take me when they would do demonstrations of how things reacted in fires, after seeing what full oxygen tanks did I learned not to fool around with them. I wouldn't be in the same state as those fools shooting them. Looks like a good way to get killed.

  2. Was out rabbit hunting on Kodiak one day with a friend and came upon an abandoned cannery worker campsite. There were always trash piles at these sites, and on top of the one in this site was a small, full Colemen propane tank. My friend shot it with his .22. The thing didn't explode. He caught the thing at an angle on its base. The tank whirred and spun like a rifle bullet and levitated to about sixty feet and held there for about ten seconds! ...God looks after drunks, fools, and young children...

  3. We have our 2000 PSI oxygen cylinders chained to the wall at the back of the firehouse. The bay doors are usually open. If one were to disappear, let me know where you are so I can watch. From far, far away.

    I personally prefer full 20lb propane cylinders because they don't go into uncontrolled flight, but they do need an ignition source. A lit road flare duck taped to the top works perfect. Go back at least 150 yards, aim for the center of the cylinder and pop off 2 or 3 quick shots. A large white cloud of compressed propane will spew out when hit, and when the fuel/air mixture hits the right proportion you get an immense non-explosion fireball. You will feel the radiant heat for a couple of seconds from 150 yards away. Punch additional holes near the bottom to drain out any remaining liquid propane and stay away for a good hour after.