Monday, July 24, 2023

GOP Debate

 RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Reportedly Begs Trump to Participate in ‘Biased’ 2024 GOP Presidential Debate

President Trump should NOT participate in this socalled debate. 

All it will do, in my opinion, is give legitimacy to some of these weakling candidates. 

And the rnc has screwed President Trump every chance they got. Piss on them. I haven't seen one ad from the rnc decrying the bullshit treatment he is getting from this administration and the several states and cities going after him. 

I haven't heard one cry of "FOUL!" about their treatment of the President. So screw the rnc. And the horse they rode in on.


  1. Ronna McDaniel...what a joke. She's done her dead level best to destroy The People's trust in the RNC, all the while being a pet and a point man of the RINO's and establishment republicans that are all for the destruction of the US and the ascension of China. She is a disgrace to her country. Just like her uncle, Mitt.

  2. If DeSantis had defended Trump and acknowledged the stolen election instead of ignoring the bogus charges, he could have written his own ticket to the Presidency in four years. Instead, he listened to the Bushies and RINOs and shot himself in the foot.

  3. If you want a great debate have The Blaze sponsor it and Tucker Carlson moderate. That would be interesting.