Sunday, July 16, 2023

MaCoys - Hang on sloopy.mpg

Here's a little somethin for ExTexan. He's working on shelves. In this heat? Sheesh!


  1. I have NEVER seen a xylaphone in a rocl band before. NEVER.
    Who's the babe? Nobody wiggles like a PAWG... Dem some nice tiddies, too.

    1. The (then) young lady in the Sloopy music video is Lisa Leonard Dalton. She has her own YouTube channel called Sloopy Girl.
      She is still good looking all these years later, has a sense of humour and seems to be a nice person. Something that may make all the clapped-out old farts out there consider getting new batteries for their pacemaker, is that she seems to be single again. I suspect that Fred may already have plans there now!

  2. I can remember playing that song 40 years ago in nightclubs. It was always well received and for whatever reason the young women always enjoy dancing to it.

  3. great song, Fred! I only do the sawing in the carport, and bring the boards inside to my new workbench. damn right it's too hot to work outside for us older folks.

  4. Remember when MTV showed videos? They NEVER showed that one.