Saturday, July 8, 2023

Now this is interesting. Makes me want to buy a Toyota Hilux

 The Best-Selling Vehicles in the World By Country

Sent in by Johno.

This is an interesting thing. The US and Canada appear to be in love with ford f150. I would have thought dodge ram had the number one spot that seems to be all i see here in central california.

But what really caught my eye was the southern part of africa. Know how in all the shows that feature warlords in that area? How all the fighting parties seem to have one of those pickups with the big ass gun mounted in back? I think those are called technicals. 

Those trucks gotta be toyota hilux, which is what I have always heard them called. Toyota hilux appears to be the brand favorite for that part of the world. And check out what the favorite truck in panama is.

Maybe because big ass guns are easy to mount in them?

I gotta get me one of those, complete with the big ass gun.

I can see it now, pull up to the range, go to check in, the guys say whatcha shooting today and I pull out this belt of ammo. Hah!!

You can tell I don't know shit about those guns.


  1. Life imitates art, Fred? Remember the original Mad Max movie starring Mel Gibson? I think it was called Road Warrior in the US. Anyway, the same type of vehicle was called a ‘technical’, and when such utes mounting heavy machine guns or light cannon began to proliferate in unstable wartorn areas of the world, they immediately took their moniker from the movie.
    I understand that Mel Gibson is American by birth, but his parents emigrated to Australia when he was a boy and he grew up here. He made a successful career in Aussie films before accepting roles in Hollywood movies, then repatriating to the US.

  2. See vids of a 14.3 mm mounted in one of those being fired. If the first round doesn't get you the rest are addressed to whom it may concern.

  3. the Hilux is the name for Tacoma's outside the US