Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Mislabeled Seeds

 Mislabeled Jalapeno Seeds Reach Gardeners Nationwide

I mean, this isn't a huge catastrophe in the grand scheme of things. But still. When you plant a seed you want it to be what you thought you planted.

Imagine my surprise at reaching in to pull a jalapeno for my supper and come back with a wax pepper.

Now wouldn't THAT throw your tail up over your head.

Holy crap. SHTF today. I go plant my garden. All of a sudden I got corn where I planted bush beans. I got pumpkins where I planted crookneck squash. What a start to a good SHTF.


  1. Bought some tomato plants this year that it seems were mislabled. Only means to plant 2 of the little grape tomatoes. I have 6 of them.

  2. Yeah, that ain't right. Especially when you add that some produce doesn't grow next to certain other species, alot of plants require specific ph, water and sunlight, and of course getting what you didn't buy is not how things are supposed to work.

  3. I sure hope you can tell the difference between seed corn and bean seeds!

  4. Bought a couple GFCIs. Opened packages days later only to discover someone stole the GFCIs, put regular outlets back in the packages, and returned them.