Sunday, July 16, 2023

Everybodys getting into the heat thing.

If I didn't have air conditioning I would forking suffer. This warning is from the people at the Nextdoor app thingy.


High temps spark excessive heat warning.
The heat is on, neighbors. Scorching temperatures are expected to grip the area from 11 a.m. this morning until 8 p.m. Monday evening. Keep your cool by limiting outdoor activity and drinking plenty of water. Older adults and young children are most at risk for heat-related illnesses. Most of Central California will likely experience high temperatures 112 to 117 degrees in the Kern County desert. What it means for you: - Maximum temperatures 108 to 113 degrees in the San Joaquin Valley and Coastal Range. - High temperatures 104 to 109 degrees in the Lower Sierra foothills, Yosemite Valley, and Kern River Valley - Dangerous heat will result in a major to extreme risk for heat-related illnesses for much of the population, especially those who are heat sensitive and those without effective cooling and/or adequate hydration (Data via the National Weather Service)


  1. Translated into Normalspeak; "It's SUMMER in CALIFORNIA!!! The Central Valley is ALWAYS hot as hell in the summer!!!!

    Fear porn cleanup in aisle 5, Bob...

  2. Oh hell, I hauled hay out of the Central Valley, 1972 to 75 and it was hot as hades back them, like PF, fear porn, and weak minds.