Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Recent Scotus ruling apparently had fake facts submitted

 In fact, until he received a call this week from a reporter from the magazine, Stewart said he had no idea he was somehow tied up in a case that had made it to the supreme court.

How the freaking hell does THIS  happen. 

The guy who supposedly initiated the whole lawsuit doesn't even know he's in it??? And it makes it all the way to SCOTUS???

This is that colorado thing about the website designer and gay weddings.

You got some splainin to do Lucy!!

Lehto's Law weighs in on it:

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  1. If they can't attack the decision based on the law, they are attacking claiming "false facts". Bulllshit. This case has been active for how many years with nobody doing a basic investigation on the original complaintant? If so, that makes whatever element of the Colorado legal system that prosecuted the thing originally look like fools too.