Thursday, July 27, 2023

Well, this can't be good---An unlicensed and unpermitted biological lab is shutdown in Reedley Calif.

 Lab operating in Reedley shut down after officials found infectious agents and chemicals

I don't know if this is a huge story, or someone just trying to save a few bucks by not getting a license. Time will tell.

But. They had over 900 lab mice that could catch and transmit covid they were using to test the covid test kits they were making. What is the chance not a single one of those mice escaped??

Reedley is about a one hour drive from my home. The building in the video is an old orange packing house that ran into bad times and shut down about twenty years ago. Or so. 

I used to go by there and try to sell them tower chemical.

If you want to take a pretty drive, take the backroads from fresno to reedley. I used to do that, sure beat the shit out of driving the freeway all the time.

If anything else comes up on this story I will update.

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