Tuesday, July 25, 2023

This is pure bullshit.

 Lowe’s Issues Weak Statement, Rehires Elderly Employee Who Got Punched in the Face Trying to Stop Thieves After Major Backlash

I don't care what anybody says, this is pure bullshit. 

THIS is part of the larger problem facing america today. For too long we have been told Don't do anything to the people stealing our stuff! Stuff can be replaced but people might get HURT!! Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God! People might get hurt! AAAIIIEEE!!!

Some punks tried to steal our car one night and I ran out in my underwear with a 22 rifle. They HAULED ASS away I can tell you! And they got caught. 

But. The high school principal I was acquainted with tried to rip me a new one saying You Could Have Gotten Hurt! You can always buy a new car!

That's the wrong attitude. If we start beating the shit out of people trying to steal our stuff and if the whole country starts doing that, say beating on the antifa and blm faggots then maybe this country wouldn't be in the shape it's in right now.

Maybe if the police didn't stand down during the riots and instead beat the shit out of all those assholes we wouldn't be seeing the type of shit we see in frisco and portland.


  1. You are 100% correct! These criminals don’t fear the court system or even incarceration. But if they knew if they were caught, they would get a BIG can of whoopass before they were charged, they may think twice before stealing someone’s catalytic converter or shoplifting. Likewise, if they brought back the whipping post, crime would go way down.

    It’s like the guy who was asked by the news reporter what he would do if someone was breaking into his house. He replied, I’d dial 811. The reporter said you mean 911. The guy retorted, no I mean 811; I’d have to know where to dig so I wouldn’t hit a gas r water line.

  2. Correct. If any of our paid staff (government employees) did their jobs instead of simping for the leftist homos, things would be much better than they are. Government employees (i've known more than a few) lack work ethic, integrity, principles and desire to excel for excellence's sake. Guh'mint jobs are where ambition, effort, talent and ingenuity go to die. Its a total disgrace for anyone that ever efforted and suffered to put food on the table. And elected officials are by far the leaders of the shiftless, worthless, evil pack.

  3. We're in this legal mess because millions of college programmed Liberals say a criminal bum's life is worth more than your hard earned property.