Monday, October 24, 2022

I learned my lesson yesterday.

 Let's see, yesterday was Sunday.

The lovely Mrs. and I had business in madera proper, so we headed that way.

Since I don't like to let our gas tank level go below half, I decided to gas up in madera and mentioned that to her. 

Now, there is an E-Z Trip gas station right there on the edge of town, and it has had the lowest gas anywhere for a while. So I decided to stop there.

Boy, I should have stayed home. I didn't think about that every other limpdick in town would be there.

When I got there, every lane was full with people waiting in line. Not waiting in line nose to tail like a sensible lot of people noway nohow.

I pulled in behind a big pickup truck and patiently waited. Then the guy in front of that line decides to pull out, except he is going towards us, not away from us. He squeaks by everybody without hitting us.

Then the big truck pulls forward and I wait and then I get to pull forward. Go inside to pay and wait in line again, about 3 minutes I guess.

Go out to start pumping gas. When i get there two rather large suvs are in a mexican standoff. The expedition is pointed into the lane in a 45 degree angle and the explorer is coming the other way at a 45 degree angle. 

The two very young, very nice looking mexican girls were snapping at each other and i thought at any second more than words was going to get exchanged.

Fortunately the expedition was able to back up into the pump behind her as that car had just left. 

I put in 60 bucks even and got the hell out of dodge before the bullets started flying.

I figured saving $13 on gas wasn't worth this hassle. And it was a $13 saving. I paid $4.59 per gallon, everyone else is at $5.37 gallon, so maybe not quite that much savings.

Don't know how they can sell gas at almost a buck a gallon cheaper, but that's what they are doing.

And the funny part was, nobody, or at least a very small number of people, were buying anything inside.


  1. They are cutting the gas. Now whether its water or acetone or something else, you'll find out after a couple of tanks full.