Monday, October 10, 2022

PayPal Sucks. Whoops, there goes $2500!

 PayPal Releases Urgent Statement Amid Massive Blowback to Policy Fining Users $2,500 Per Offense for ‘Misinformation’

Can you believe the brass 12 gauge balls on these people?

First, someone had to sit around and think this shit up, then that person went to another person and said hey why don't we do this, and that person said you're a freakin genius, write it up and let's take it to the boss.

The boss said let's roll this out ASAP. These cocksuckers are gettin too big for their britches and need to be taken down a notch.

The point is none of this is/was a mistake. This was planned, but maybe they didn't expect this much backlash. But you can bet this isn't over. 

It will be back, maybe in another form, but it will be back.

Cause you people have to be taught what to think and that isn't happening fast enough I guess. But at $2500 each time they think you are saying something they don't want you to say, pretty soon you gonna toe that line. 

Toby be a good boy boss. Don't take my money please Boss!

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