Saturday, October 8, 2022

Gas Misery Index


Looks like I am averaging $937 more this year than last year. I believe that is true. 

With the increased amount of driving I do going down to fresno I have been averaging a fillup about 1.5 times per week. Sometimes I fillup twice a week. And one time it was three times.  An average fillup is about $84. Where even just a couple months ago it was about $50.

Gets expensive. And that is just for my pickup. When my wife has appointments, which right now is every other week, we drive her car. Gotta fill it up probably every other week now. $Another 84.

Geez louise this is so stupid. I remember gas wars in Lubbock Texas where the gas price started out about 25 cents and got down to a nickel a gallon. And there weren't a million cars waiting in line to fillup at that price either. Because everybody knew there was plenty of gas. Course, the neighborhood that gas station was in, many of the residents got their gas stolen on a nightly basis. Thus, when they pulled into the pump they would say, "Just give me fifty cents of regular please."

With ole dementia ridden joe begging the saudis and venezuelans to pump more gas for us, no wonder the whole world looks on the former usofa with distaste.

But hey, no more mean tweets.


  1. Morning Fred ...

    My favorite lil tale, was when the first gasoline crunch hit, in the 70's. Gas hit a whole 99c a gallon. People panicked, rationing ensued (odd/even license plate days. So people switched their plates with their neighbors).

    Lines at the pump stretched half a mile. One entrepreneur, took a receipt book, and worked the back of the line: "cash or credit?"

    People gave up their cash, to the "clerk." To "save time at the pump."

    Yeah, they saved a whole bunch of time. Unable to buy gas with the worthless receipt.

    1. My ship was in drydock in Bremerton Wash. at that time. I remember sitting in line for 2 to 3 hours to get gas. Didn't worry about being late, my boss was riding with me.

  2. Early 70s gas wars were a hoot. I worked (shift manager) at a station that was owned by the local Fina and Sinclair distributor in Amarillo. I sold gas as cheap as 12.9 cents per gallon. People were lined up into the street. We were a full service station as self service had not yet been introduced in that area. Myself and the other employees were taking money only while the customers were filling their own tanks. If someone needed assistance we would help them out, but 98% were resetting the pump and pumping their own gas just fine. We had four pumps of regular gas and two of premium (ethyl as it was called back then).

    1. Ethyl. Yep, that's what I still call it. You probably know where Plainview and Lockney are in relation to Amarillo. I grew up in Lockney. My brother in law managed a Walt's gas station in Lubbock and I would go down and help him.