Friday, October 21, 2022

Holy Shit. Did you hear about this?

I missed this story.  

The police from two different agencies had a lady stopped for some kind of a road rage incident.

They placed the woman inside the cop car. 

Only problem was, the cop car was parked on railroad tracks. And here comes the damn train.

I know police, sheriff, leo's whatever you call them, have a job to do. But Goddamn Sam, you can't put the person you just arrested inside a cop car and then leave her there to be hit by an oncoming train.

Where the hell were your brains at that night?

Every last one of the police involved in that situation need to do at least 5 years in state prison. That was willful on their part.

Videos show train crash into Colorado police cruiser with woman inside

Here is a you tube video, showing bodycam, of the incident. About 16 minutes.

So, as usual, use your noodle and draw your own conclusions.

Holy Shit.

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  1. So the suspect in this road rage incident looks like a hundred pound woman (and they can be really dangerous, even without the SUV-(LOL) why do they have their AR-15's out??