Monday, October 17, 2022

Just in time for elections in November

 Boston University Reportedly CREATES Hybrid COVID Strain with 80% Kill Rate

It is starting to look to me like this covid crap was indeed manufactured here in the good ole former usofa.

Reckon fossi has anything to do with this?

Why in the name of God's Green Earth would ANYBODY come up with some shit like this?

Soros and his ilk? Are they involved? Bill Gates? Bueller??? Anybody??

It just makes no sense to me. If these guys succeed and kill off 80% of the planet, what's left? 1.4 billion people? Isn't that still enough to screw up the climate? 

Then what? They find a way to kill off 80% more of what's left?


  1. Tey really aren't even trying to hide their plans anymore....

    1. No, they are not. That could be a good thing, if we can ever get the courage to hang them.

  2. It's three weeks until the Election. Anything can and will happen. Rabid animals are quite dangerous when cornered. BEWARE. Everyone beware.

    Without question, these are the most extraordinary times in the life of the Republic.


    1. I believe you are correct. I can think of nothing that compares to this. I am not a historian, but I don't think even the times leading up to the revolution of 76 or the civil war were like this.

  3. Its funny to hear people so incredulous...
    This is all, ALL, happening on purpose.

    If you shift your paradigm from "our leaders represent us and are altruistic" to "they are power hungry mad (wo)men who want to kill us", it all drops nicely into place, doesn't it?
    Your paradigm is the problem. Fix it.

    1. True. I say that all the time. They either want to kill us, or control us.