Monday, October 24, 2022

My wife saw this on facebook.

 So there is a lot of talk about kids identifying as cats lately, and I try not to be judgemental but I think a lot of this has to do with parenting! Imagine if you can that one of my boys told me they thought they were a cat! Sitting at the supper table my son says: Dad I think I'm a cat!

Me: No son, you are a boy!
My son: No dad, some of my friends at school identify as cats, they call themselves furries, and so do I!! It's my right and you can't do anything about it!
Me: OK!!
My son: Hey where is my supper?
Me: Your supper is in the cat food bowl in the corner, now get off the table you mangy cat!
My son: What???
Me: (Hits him with a broom) Get off the table furball!! My son was in the corner looking bewildered!
Me to my wife: Is that cat neutered??
My wife: I will make an appointment!!
My son: What???
Me: Your mother and I have decided we don't want a house cat, so get out to the barn and hunt mice!
My son: What???
Me: (Brandishes broom) NOW! To the barn you stupid cat!!
My son: Dad I think I'm a boy!
Me: I thought so, now sit down and eat your supper!!
The bottom line, this foolishness is on the Parents. Period.
Copied from friend but awesome parenting right to the barn you go!! Lol


  1. It's only obvious. You're a cat? Ooookay. You have a favorite canned cat food?

  2. Amusing fiction. In modern America the boy/cat/moron would call 911 and complain about how his parents were treating him resulting in a visit from LEO and CPS. Parents go to jail, child wins the contest.

  3. Sadly, Dan is right...
    I recall a conversation with a psychologist friend of mine about 10 years ago when all this started. He said it exactly that: what if your kid said they were a cat? You'd make them an appointment with a guy like me, not buy them a litter box.
    Sadly this absurdity will not stop until we start shooting people. The lunatics are running the asylum, its time to put adults in charge again.

    1. Shoot em all. Hang em all. Get rid of them somehow.