Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Racist Much????

White people shouldn't see new 'Black Panther' movie on opening weekend, influencer says 

Forgot to add the link is found at Knuckledraggin.

How is something like this not the supposed "Hate Speech"?

I mean jesus h christ how blatant can you be with your racism??


  1. Do that, and they'll want free movie tickets in perpetuity, the same way the get free phones, housing, food, utilities, internet, medical care...

  2. Let us respect their wishes and never go to another Wakanda movie, ever.

    Also, if a commercial enterprise uses Black actors or Black character voices then let us not usurp their culture by patronizing those businesses.

    Indeed, we should respect most of this woman's wishes.

    To quote Yogi Berra, "If people don't want to come you cannot stop them"

    1. No wakanda movie, or black movie in general for me. If they want their own community fine with me.

    2. Odd isn't it--the current generation's grandparent/great-grandparents fought to be included in general society--and now their grandchildren are moving heaven and earth to segregate themselves from general society. I guess they realized that White folks had bills and worries too--must've been an eye-opener for a lot of them.

  3. Fuck 'em and feed 'em fish heads. If YT doesn't go, it's "RACISSS"! If YT goes, it's "appropriation". Let's take the billions that we're sending to Xi Den's money laundering operation (Uke) and ship all of our "AFRICANS" back to Africa. It'll save us trillions, raise the nation IQ 30+ points and save millions of future productive, useful and civilized lives.