Tuesday, October 11, 2022

NatGas Crisis in Europe. People buying firewood.

 "Back To The Old Days": Europeans Panic Buy Firewood And Stoves

And here in the former usofa these dickwads are trying to outlaw woodstoves.

I guess the idioots in charge are trying to push green energy again, who the hell knows.

When I bought this house in 2008, it had a perfectly fine woodburning fireplace insert installed. The friggin law made us remove that and supposedly destroy it because it was not a phase 2 certified unit. Meaning it had some sort of catalytic reburner installed in the top to reburn unburned gases.

After that we spent about $3500 buying a new FEDERAL government approved stove and having it placed. And spent the next winter suffering because I couldn't make it draw properly.

Turns out the insulation blanket uptop was covering up the holes where the air supposed to flow thru. Removed that and voila! it works well.

And in this state they have nonburning days. And you are supposed to register your stove. Fuck that. When it's cold I want heat. If I used the propane furnace it would take about $400 a month back then to keep the place warm. Fuck that.


  1. Yeah, we've got "no burn" days as well. We've got two fireplaces with "heatilators" installed in them. I WILL use them if needed! It's my GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to STAY ALIVE!!! FUCK .GOV!!!

    1. Worked with a clever guy. Welded shut end of 24" dia. pipe that protruded into his family room through a mason wall. The door end was in his garage, along with all the mess and inconvenience. That stove would drive you out of both the garage and house. Unfortunately, no permit, non DEQ compliant. Was forced to take it out.

    2. Yeah, if the gov can't control it, they don't want you to have it.