Thursday, October 6, 2022

Watch: Jerry Nadler Hands Republicans a Campaign Gift Ahead of November Elections

 I'm in a rush right now.

The video shows how fecklessly feckless these democrats are.

They can scream to the high heavens about defund the police, but when crime rates rise, they can't take the heat.

In the video chuckie schoomerr and ilhan omar get into vehicles and ensure the window is rolled up.

I wonder what they would have done if the reporter had taken a hammer and broke the windows. And then kept on asking questions.

At this point in time I think I am in the camp of abolish ALL police. 

I'm talking city, county, state, federal, and no international chinese police allowed.(Canada and newyorkcity have chinese police stations now) Make the whole goddamn country take care of its own problems, just like some of the county sheriffs have said to do.

Let every citizen use their god given 2A rights to protect their family and their friends. Fuck the rioters. As Matt Bracken says, bipod, 4 power scope, 400 yards. Settles a multitude of issues.

Maybe ole Robert Heinlein would be proven right: "An armed society is a polite society."


  1. Maybe ole Robert Heinlein would be proven right: "An armed society is a polite society." I thought Col. Jeff Cooper said that.

    1. Heinlein wrote that in one of his novels many years ago.

  2. Shotty Shotty,
    Double Ought Buck.
    Come Mess With Me,
    I Won't Give A Fuck.
    Blow Your Head Off
    And Throw It In My Truck

    1. What's that old kids rhyme? You're a poet, but you don't know it, but your feet show it, cause they're Longfellows.

    2. I always rather liked rip'ya head off, and sh*t in the hole.
      But mebbe that's just me?