Monday, October 10, 2022

Red Dawn is not really a movie anymore.

 Bejing and Moscow are working together to take over America

The above link is from WRSA

Looks like shit is getting real to me. And this is 100% the fault of democrats. If they hadn't stolen the last election President Trump would still be in office.

The chinese and russians may not be afraid of President Trump, but they understand he is a man of his word who will rain down fire and brimstone on them if they fuck around enough to find out.

What was that old presidential saw? Walk softly and carry a big stick? Same thing applies to nuclear weapons. Several countries have the big stick, and a couple of them are not walking softly anymore.

If the chinese invade the west coast it is almost a given they will be met with open arms. So the few who will resist will be outnumbered from the start.

If you've got a game plan, time to look it over and make adjustments if needed.

I will be bugging in. Wish me luck.

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