Wednesday, October 26, 2022

You Hungry?? Eat some plastic.

 Michigan Tech researchers are turning plastic waste into food for the U.S. military

I thought the idea of eating insects and bugs was crazy. 

Hell, that isn't even in the top 10%.

If you hungry, go eat some plastic. And there is a lot of plastic out there to eat.

I am all for trying to do something about the amount of plastic out there. Saw an article today that said only 5% of  plastic is recycled. 

But I don't care how many microbes you got eatin that stuff up, I'M not gonna eat it.

How about we quit making new plastic. How about every product that is made from plastic, we use some old plastic to make it with. How about all the plastic water bottles and soda and beer bottles get rinsed out and refilled. 

Then we may still have a recycling problem, but maybe it won't get any bigger.

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