Monday, October 10, 2022

14 Foods You Can Grow in Buckets Any Time of Year

 14 Foods You Can Grow in Buckets Any Time of Year

I would love to be able to grow radishes and green onions. I haven't been able to grow either one in about ten years now. Don't have a clue what I have done wrong.

I would eat a green onion and a radish with each meal if I had them available. As a youngster in northern Texas, my mom and my sisters and I would drive to a field about five miles from our house, and plant a garden. I mean it was a very large garden.

But that kindof precludes wandering out to the garden at mealtime and picking a few veggies.

So at our house, I planted a two foot by two foot area with radishes, directly under an outside water faucet. I tended those suckers religiously and my efforts paid off.

I was able to wander out and pull a couple of radishes for every meal.

But here lately my radish growing mojo has left the building. Ah, well.

The article talks about growing food in buckets, and I do that. This last summer I put four jalapeno plants into pots I got from the 99 cent store for $2.99 each. And one bell pepper plant, and one egg plant. 

I used miracle gro raised bed soil from Lowes. And I am here to tell you those things did extremely well. The jalapeno plants turned into jalapeno trees, and were absolutely loaded with peppers. And  the bell pepper and egg plant did extremely well. I had to stake both of them up they were so heavy with ?fruit? 

One thing you shoud remember though, is drainage holes. I forgot to put holes in a bucket a couple years ago, and wound up with a mess.

If you do this, send me an email and let me know how it works out.

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