Saturday, October 22, 2022

Stupid people at work.

 STUCK ON YOU Eco-idiots glue themselves to floor at VW dealer – and are then left in the dark without heating when staff go home

How stupid can people be? Glue your hands to the floor and then complain when they turn the lights out and the heat off stupid.

I have never understood the concept of protesting in this fashion.

Glue your hands to the floor. Set yourself on fire. Go on a hunger strike. 


Nobody gives a shit if you do that. Fucking die for all I care. If you want to effect change, get a fifty cal rifle, learn to use it, then use it.

A few melons getting popped from a mile away and then a phone call saying stop what you are doing or die. THAT will effect change.


  1. Would have been funnier if they had turned a hose on them! And then left them wet, cold and hungry.

    1. And risk damaging all the artwork?
      Come on man, just walk by and piss on them a few times a day.


    2. Yep. Pissin on em is a good way to go. But then some poor schmuck is gonna have to clean it up. So maybe peel their hands off and chain em in the dungeon.

    3. And sell tickets to piss on piss on them!!!!
      We are gonna be rich!!!!!


    4. I think we better stock up on tickets. There's gonna be a run on 'em when word gets out!