Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Criminals calling 911 to stop police pursuing them

‘Progressive Policing’ In Action – Criminals in Washington are Calling 911 as They Flee From Police Because the State’s Woke Laws Prevent Officers From Pursuing Them (VIDEO) 

What's that old saying? Play stupid games and win stupid prizes?

I think that applies to the washington legislature that enacted this stupid ass law. Why wouldn't a criminal call 911 to get them to stop? After all police ARE supposed to follow the law right?

I said in a previous post that it is time to abolish all police in this country and go full on anarchy. I still think that is the way to go. We have so many stupid laws in this country, you can't even stay in bed and not violate the law.

And now the stupid fbi is raiding and arresting people for expressing their viewpoint but they aren't arresting actual criminals. 

I say either get rid of all of the police, or go back to sensible policing like Andy of Mayberry did.

And get rid of that stupid law, washington! Either quit hobbling your police and let them do their job or get rid of them. Jesus.

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