Sunday, July 24, 2022

Ah Hell! Nothing to see here! Move Along!

 CAUGHT: Michigan News Channel Posts Results to Republican Primary Election — That’s Not Until Next Week!!

What should happen here? Should somebody be arrested? Thrown in jail?

Nah, ain't gonna happen. 

November election has apparently already been determined by our betters. 

If you live in any state except california, start stocking up even more on ammo than you already have been.

Looks like we gonna need it.


  1. Apparently the people of Michigan are going to have to vote harder.

  2. Freudian slip by the left? Regardless it's just proof that voting means nothing....the results of the midterm election have ALREADY BEEN DECIDED.

  3. A little while back, you discussed three-man restoration teams. Further back, a year ago … I posted: One Man, One Plan. I didn't have a chance to comment on your then recent post.

    We don't pimp our own material (been shadow banned for the longest time … years now. And I'd venture members of the Fourth Reich, are a fair chunk of my traffic). But these are times most extraordinary.