Friday, July 29, 2022

And the (former)united states will just have to grin and bear it.

 Using State Run Media China Threatens to Assassinate Nancy Pelosi if She Follows Through and Visits Taiwan

And this note to all you democrats out there, whether you voted for joe and the hoe or not, you are to blame: Yeah, well, I hope you die.

If china shoots down idiot pelosi's plane it won't matter, there will be no problem, because we as a country won't respond appropriately or otherwise. 

Dinkum joe is too weak and there is not enough adderal to help him respond to something of that nature.

Since sniffer joe and fuckface the hoe took office, this country has become an emasculated woke soccer player, too afraid to offend to kick a few balls.

November of 2024 can't come soon enough if we are to have ANY hope of voting our way out of this.

And yes I know, that it is probably too late for the ballot box. 


  1. Amen, brother, amen! Though, I don't think it could happen to a nicer erson...

    1. What would be a good headline for that? Nancy, nancy, nancy!

  2. Hold on just a goldarn second there, buddy. Modern wide-body jets have seating for 400+ passengers. That's a lot of .gov bigwigs we could send along with the Gin Hag