Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Gas Prices

 What are gas prices doing in your AO??

Yesterday the wife and I made a 25 mile one way trip to the nearest dump to get rid of a 35 year old lazy boy recliner that was all used up. Hated to do it, but it was time as we already have a replacement.

On the way my wife was noticing gas prices. $4.79 at one, $4.59 at another. And that was the trend. Except at one chevron she saw $5.29. These are for 87 octane gas.

I think we passed by about 5 or maybe 6 stations, and they were all under 5 bucks except the chevron. Even the shell station was under 5, although not by much.

It just seems strange. Not too long ago the damn stuff was almost 7 bucks a gallon, and just a little over a month later in the middle of summer when prices traditionally skyrocket the prices are going down? I don't think so Tim. Something is going on.

What happened? Did they get the pricing to that magical point they thought people were ready to take up pitchforks and then stopped raising prices?


  1. All designed to keep us off balance, one way or another.


  2. When gas hit it's peak a LOT of people stopped driving unless they absolutely had to. That affected demand. Demand drops and prices tend to drop. There may also be some market manipulation by the criminals controlling things to try and distract voters from gas prices as the midterms are around the corner. As soon as the election happens the price increases will return....with a vengeance.

  3. What percentage of the cost at the pumps is costs/profit, and what percentage is ... tax? (Not just the obvious and apparent Federal and State gas taxes, but oil company income, AMT, withholding, etc.)

    Colour me cynical but I expect (if they ever admit it) that the 'revenues' are going to be significantly lower this year.

    I can't see how else they could have manipulated the change so quickly.

    But ... what Dan said,

  4. It's called the "pre-midterm effect." "Someone" is putting the screws to the oil companies; "Lower your prices or we'll make it even harder for you!"

  5. $3.66 /gal 87oct. at the Murph. sta. by wallydump!!! in zip 70401!!!!