Monday, July 25, 2022

My Daily Whine. Rant?

 Recession. There is a good definition of it somewhere on the net.

My definition of it is: The Economy Sucks. Bigtime. And right now The Economy Sucks. Bigtime.

Right now prices are a lot higher than my fixed income. My wife and I are doing okay, don't get me wrong. But damn. Yesterday at what is lovingly called a Bargain Market Grocery Outlet we payed $14.99 for 8 bars of dove soap. And that is supposed to be a good price?

I don't think so Tim.

I think we could have gotten a better price, maybe, somewhere else. But that would mean a minimum 10 mile drive and I can't see doing that  just to get soap, not at current gas prices.  

Gasoline locally is at $5.37 to $5.69 per gallon. The idiots in the executive branch all think this is a good thing. Cause this will slow down ACTIVITY by the corporations  which will help to advance the cause of transitioning to green energy. Or so says that bitch jennifer granholm.

I wasn't able to find the clip of bitch granholm saying less activity is good for america so here is one she is trying to explain high gas prices: 

I can't find it now but a couple days ago I was reading somewhere that a guy received notice from his electric supplier. They were raising his rates by 28%. Holy crap who do these people think can withstand that kind of increase?

My wife and I drive a 1999 ford exploder as our primary car. And I gotta say that it has been one hell of a good car. But it is old and the seat leather is coming apart, and the timing chains are rattling and it is time for a new(er) vehicle.

But crap I am not gonna pay 50 grand for a new vehicle that won't last 5 years. And have you seen the prices for used vehicles? Crap crap and double crap. Okay, whine over.


  1. Depending on the condition of the rest of the engine, timing chain replacement and some good seat covers might be a very good investment.

    1. I think the engine is in pretty good shape for 240,000 miles. It has a 6 or 7 year old transmission that's in good shape. But to replace the rear timing chain I have to pull the motor out. Not accessible otherwise. So that means I do it myself or pay exorbitant pricing at a repair shop. At this point I think I am going to drive this one as long as I can, and pray for the best.

  2. I hear you on having an older vehicle. My truck is a 2000 GMC with just over 210,000 on the odometer. Its been a pretty good truck, but everything has a finite life. Replacing with a new truck - oh hell no, can't afford 40,000 and up for a ride. And I need a truck, sometimes requiring the room to haul stuff.

    1. I have decided to keep my old trucks, too expensive to replace. I have a 99 dakota with 350,000 on it and an 03 dakota with 272,00 on it. Minor issues with both, engines in relatively good shape. But with the price of vehicles right now, repair is more of an option for me.