Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Fatboy michael wants to repeal the 2nd amendment

 Moore, Gates, Fauci, etc. Make the list and check it twice. No place they show up should be safe from the repercussions of their actions.

This country could really use a few public hangings right now. Or public beheadings. 

Or maybe just some heads exploding from impact with 155 grains of lead.

Lets say 99 men and women banded together. Let's say they did this in groups of three, and each of the groups did not know of the other groups. Lets say they thought they were the only ones.

A group of 3 selects some targets, such as fatboy michael and his ilk. Maybe a congresscritter, senator, aclu attorney, sanctuary city mayor. People of that nature.

Then they do some surveillance, and set a time and place. Then boom, 3 targets wind up eliminated. The 3 members of the group go on about their lives as if nothing happened.

Let's say this happens 33 times. You think some of these people might change their ways???


  1. Truthfully, no. They’re committed. They know they’re doing all this for ‘their’ own personal, ideological and monetary benefit, but they also, sincerely, believe it’s for “the greater good” too (and so would you and I if we weren't such stupid, unenlightened, ingrate inferiors).

    They are true believers in the cult, as such any ‘martyrs’ from their ‘chosen people’, will be not be seen as a warning, but as justification of the rightness of their cause and as yet more of an excuse to punish all those ‘others’ even more.

    So? Even if a few developed a case of spontaneous rigor mortis, the rest would double down, “fighting the good fight” to the bitter end, in more and more extreme ways, until they themselves are introduced to ‘slender, string-like musical metal’ tied in a ‘specific type of running knot’, and ‘community shade banishing poles’ – and they’ll still believe they are in the right as they … dangle (cursing the unwashed with their last breath). (Seriously, look at any historical example, where they always, but always retreat to a ‘bunker mentality’, and they never, ever, regret a single thing, or stop … until they are stopped).

    I suspect if (when) it happens it’ll be much as imagined by Matt Bracken, as spontaneous, individual, untraceable, eminently deniable and thus simply unstoppable by any of the ‘security apparatus’. I … can’t wait.

    1. It is definitely time to take the fight to them.

  2. where do I sign up

  3. What Michael Moore needs to "want" is a BATH!!!