Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The correct term is Women, not birthing people.

 Bette Midler Uses July 4th to Declare Independence From Wokeness, Stuns Everyone in the Process

Let's face it, bette midler is a typical lefty cunt and always will be. But in this one thing she is speaking to the truth. But she can sing pretty good. Sometimes.

Renaming things is one thing the left has been very good at. They are able to rename something and for some reason the populace tends to go along with it. Especially the younger populace, who like to go along to get along. 

Maybe we can get them to rename grandpa joe to ??? Got any suggestions??


  1. he who has brain matter in diaper

  2. Gee; she finally gets it... It's almost comical when the Left eats its own...