Monday, July 4, 2022

Independence Day

 When I was quite a few decades younger, growing up in Lockney Texas, just east of Plainview Texas, I really enjoyed Independence Day.

That meant I could shoot off firecrackers and various other unsafe implements of mayhem to my hearts content.

Back then we had bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, the real sparklers not that sissy crap they have today. 

We used to get in bottle rocket fights. Light one up and kind of throw it at your victim and laugh like hell. Got hit with a few of those but I'm still here, no lifelong injuries.

I used to buy a little device called a flying saucer. It was about the size of a quarter, and it also cost a quarter. Set it on the ground, light it up and the thing would start flying just like a flying saucer. Those were fun, until my mother almost beat my ass because of one.

We were all standing around watching the fireworks. So I set one of those flying saucers down by my mother and lit it up. I yelled Hey Momma! Look what I did!

Well about that time the flying saucer decided to start flying, right straight at my Momma!

So she turned around and started running, with the saucer right behind her. She got to the end of the house and made a left hand turn to get away from this thing, but the saucer had a mind of its own and made the left hand turn to keep following Momma. 

Oh she was mad, I never heard those kind of cuss words from her before that or after that. 

Thankfully I was able to run faster than her or my ass would've been hamburger.

But that is not to say we didn't think about what the 4th of July was, and what it meant to us. Back then that kind of thing was still taught properly in our schools.

Back then people still appreciated what America was, what she stood for, and the great things we were accomplishing.

Not now. Assholes like democrats and bowel lives movement, antifa, have all destroyed what this country stands for.

So. This may be one of the last, if not the last, independence day we can truthfully say we are, in fact, Independent. After joe bidens reign of terror I'm not sure what this country will look like.

But it is certainly no longer the country of my youth. So I say to all you democrats and others I despise, I hope you all die.


  1. Good old bottle rocket fights! They left a nice welt when they exploded against your chest.

  2. Yup! Hit that nail on the head! Will will be getting it back when we have another day of Independence? Hope so, two in a year ain't bad. Bottle rocket fight, that was a rite of passage and bragging rights to see who had the most burns and welts... M-80s were not out of .the picture... damn near blow off a toe because of one that a buddy lit and dropped on my foot

  3. Have a good friend that would go late winter camping with me.
    We would use old aluminum tent poles and shoot bottle rockets like bazookas at each other at night from 10-12 paces away. We still laugh about that.